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We Specialize in General Motors Order Workbench, 

Dealership Retail Operating Systems

Service Processes-BDC-Parts Processes, 

Dealership BDC/DDM Sales and Service Marketing

and Fleet-Commercial Business Vocational Marketing


Sometimes Just Learning from Experience is a repeat of bad experience

No Need to let experience overide proven processes and practices that are successful and profitable. Why order slow selling, misconfigured, market resistant vehicles when you can maximize your inventory turn, reduce total inventory floor plan costs, and stop the lot rot!  Inventory Balancing along with proper forecasting and planning does work and we have the dealers who can prove it. Just ask!  209-304-0512

What our customers are saying

I will tell anybody that DMOS and the General Managers Order Process consultants I have dealt with "know the way to maximize your inventory and allocations better than anyone on this earth"

Ben Jackson General Managr Jason Pilger Chevrolet Atmore 


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Overwhelming Satisfaction with all the Services  Sam Provides  "Peachy Leach"

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Our Roots

Find Sam Bryant and Associates at the following websites:  - GMDEALERHELP.NET - GMDEALERHELP.ORG

"General Manager Dealerhelp" was founded in 1986 by Sam Bryant and a very talented group of dealership managers, IT professionals, and Master Service technicians from around the world who were a part of Dealership Management Operations Specialists and Retail Operating Systems with major automotive groups. One of the most influential being the Key Royal group in Birmingham, AL., the faculty and staff of The University of Automotive Management, University of Advanced Automotive Management, the expertise of the legal teams of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and world-wide subsidiaries for ISO-9000, Life of Alabama, New York Life and many other mentors, friends, professional associates and successful automotive dealers and managers. 

We stand alone as Certified Systems and Applications Experts  by providing Dealerships One-on-One Coaching either OnSite, OnLine, or by Phone. 209-304-0512.

DMOS, LLC. Research International  became the holder and administrator of  common websites and active source for:

  • reference guides, 
  • one-on-one coaching, 
  • All dealership department operations and best practice guides, 
  • HR and employment advertising, job descriptions and dealership handbook for employees, standards of operation
  • interview process training, employee eval- progress reporting, and certification of employee job activities, 
  • promotion and placement evaluations online and with Dealership Retail Operating Systems
  • GM Certified Global Connect In-Dealership training, 

DMOS Associates are experts with Dart, Inventory Balancing, Consensus, Forecasting and Planning, Run Pass One, Allocation and Constraints, Obtaining additional inventories processes, trading policies, and floor plan/costs control, market and data recovery, mining, and securing personal non-public data.

Truly,  We stand alone as the best trained and  Certified Systems and Applications Consultants in the World! by providing Dealerships One-on-One Coaching either OnSite, OnLine, or by Phone. 209-304-0512.

We have the most current and skilled coaches and associates in Dealership Systems and Applications Coaching available worldwide.

We understand dealership operations and know the best learning environment is one-on-one at the workstation of the employee. 

Our coaching staff is available to Current  Major Franchises and Dealerships world-wide.

WE ARE "The Systems and Applications Experts"  with Totally Certified In-Dealership Coaches

Our Coach's have proven expertise in Major Franchise Order and Inventory Management, service and sales process management and Profit improvement, CSI, customer, and employee retention.

We have true hands-on experience in developing, writing, and implementing programs and process improvement initiatives to dealerships, automotive related manufacturers and other industries.

We are world-famous effective process and culture change coaches with excellent individual, factory, corporate relationships, and numerous verifiable letters of recommendation and references.

We Provide Complete Dealership Ordering, Service, Office, Parts, MakeReady and PDI Coaching and Training

  1. Order Configuration, 
  2. Order verification, 
  3. Allocation and Constraints Configurations
  4. Preliminary Inventory Management, 
  5. Inventory Balancing Reports and Dart Analysis, 
  6. Weekly Order Placement assessment, 
  7. Global Ordering Systems online and phone support, 
  8. purging of all non-buildable configurations and preliminary orders, 
  9. weekly updates on all your order workbench activity, 
  10. and improving the age and turn rate of each allocation group in your BAC dealer brand assignment, 
  11. sold order constraint recommendations and submission, 
  12. vehicle and order event tracking, 
  13. delivery tracking to ensure your day's supply is not adversely affected
  14. Secure your allocated vehicle orders, 
  15. request additional vehicles with expert management of preliminary orders for Pass Two and Pass Three, 
  16. we understand the dealer report card "weekly order placement" and inventory purification reports. 
  17. We work hard with your staff in Maintaining a fresh inventory,
  18. Increase Your Dealership Customer and Salesperson satisfaction by maintaining fast-selling inventory,
  19.  getting the right mix of fast selling vehicles ordered, and
  20. Not losing an allocation of a vehicle(s) due to: non-buildable preliminary order, mis-prioritization of preliminary orders, failed edits on allocated product, or lost constraints allocation, 
  21. being too busy to review this week's allocation.

When you know the right product is ordered and coming in each week.... PRICELE$$!