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General Manager -Dealer HELP

General Manager Dealer help was founded in 1986 by Sam Bryant and a very talented group of dealership managers, IT professionals, and Master Service technicians from around the world who were a part of Dealership Management Operations Specialists and Retail Operating Systems with major automotive groups. One of the most influential being the Key Royal group in Birmingham, AL. along with the faculty and staff of The University of Automotive Management, University of Advanced Automotive Management, and the expertise of the legal teams of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and world wide subsidiaries for ISO 9000, Life of Alabama, New York Life and many other mentors friends and associates.

DMOS, LLC became the holder and administrator of SAMBRYANTANDASSOCIATES.COM : for reference guides, one-on-one coaching, dealership department operations and best practice guides, HR and employment advertising, interview, progress reporting, and certification of employee job activities, promotion and placement AND In-Dealership training, and are experts with Dart, Consensus, Forecasting and Planning, Run Pass One, Allocation and Constraints, Obtaining additional inventories processes, trading policies, and floor plan/costs control.

Truly we stand alone AS Certified Coaching on Systems and Applications providing  Dealership services to  Dealers as the most current and skilled in  Systems operating at dealership level employee coaching staff available.

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