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Sharon Phillips

Sharon Phillips has 22 years with Dealership Systems and applications training and is one of the most talented and Certified Coaches performing individual and group training Worldwide. Contact Sharon by email [email protected]

Sharon is an extremely motivated and well-organized individual offering expert individual coaching that overcomes challenges while utilizing strengths in training, automotive management and/or business management.


President – This is a consulting and training company performing work in the automotive industry – specifically, to date, General Motors and Hyundai through contracts with Sandy Corporation. Consulting specifics to date include:

Hyundai Virtual Coach July 2012 – October 2012

Perform two one-hour Webinars with each dealer management team assigned to prepare them for the Hyundai Priority Experience Event (a full team involvement event).

GM Systems In-Dealership Coach January 2000 – February 2020

Coach dealerships on GM business systems and applications for improved operations in both variable and fixed.

 Train managers on GM GlobalConnect and all WorkBenches (Order, Sales, Service, Parts and Business Administration).

 Work with GM DART for inventory balancing, sales/registration efficiencies, demographics and business plans.

 Review CSI, DealerPulse, DealerPulse Pro with dealers and recommend process improvements.

GM Xpert Coach January 2000 – Present

Perform two hour online coaching sessions for both retail and wholesale personnel.

 Variety of applications for retail including Order WorkBench, inventory control, Compass Reports.

 Parts and service applications for GM wholesale employees.

Interactive Distance Learning/Web Meetings Instructor

On-screen instruction for both retail and wholesale personnel.

 Topics have included Order Management, Service WorkBench, Parts Management, Incentives.

 Facilitator for several Townhalls on various topics with a panel of Subject Matter Experts.

Sam Bryant  In-Dealership Coach

Sam has 33 years Dealership Systems and Applications experience, and is one most recognized names in North America. 

Call 209-304-0512 for Sam

Retired GM Global Systems and Applications coach with over 33 years of Dealership one-on-one coaching where the student is the focus of patient, guided, intelligent instruction using tried and true methods to allow the student the full experience of operating the  computer or social media appliances using an old fashioned pointer to get the most thorough training experience possible. 

Sam one of the few GM Certified Systems coaches in the world that actually started with the first GM Access systems task force when the Hughes satellite systems "with the dish on the roof" was launched worldwide.. contact email is [email protected]

AKA "Professor Pointer"

Our Coach's have proven expertise in Major Franchise Order and Inventory Management, service, sales, parts, incentive, and office process management and Profit improvement.

We can improve CSI, customer, and employee retention. We have true hands-on experience in developing, writing, and implementing programs and process improvement initiatives to dealerships, automotive related manufacturers and other industries.

We are world-famous effective process and culture change coaches with excellent individual, factory, corporate relationships, and numerous verifiable letters of recommendation and references.

We Provide Complete Dealership Ordering, services and inventory management. We provide Parts Inventory and process training. We provide Service Lane processes and customer relations training. We show the many available tools for BDC and Internet Managers within the systems and applications.

Pricing for our services is available only with and enrollment form which can be obtained by calling 209-304-0512

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Now here is what We can do for you! 

We are highly skilled General Motors Ordering Systems experts!

We can do a regression analysis for the past 6 months or as far back as General Motors will allow us to pull data on the number of vehicles you ordered for any period up to 365 Days.

We can assess the number of times you transferred vehicles each month and compare the data to see why you had to dealer trade-in vehicles in order to satisfy a customer

We can set up consensus-based individual growth patterns for your BAC that will reflect your current sales trends by allocation group,

We can build orders for your comparison areas that match the fastest-selling vehicles delivered if there are sufficient data facts to complete the configuration and preliminary order.

We can build orders with you and your chosen representative that will require only minimal adjustment once Placed

We can handle consensus, Final Allocation by week, Running Pass 2 Which you never hear about but is a viable way of gaining vehicles that are heavily constrained, and providing sufficient preliminary orders for Pass 3 for the un-constrained and non-consensed product available nationally, and you are only going against the small number of dealers each week that are asking for additional desired quantities above the allocated quantities.

We do everything you need to get to the one critical moment for a dealership that occurs on Tuesday of each week, and that is the replacement or the tweaking of the placed orders to add free flow accessories, remove free flow accessories, and adjust color and trim.

 We can assist with that process, but it is the dealerships'  onsite representative that makes the final decision about the vehicles that will be built for your location.

Mis-Configured / ordered vehicle is where you can spend a lot of money if the vehicles are not equipped for your individual market demographics and psychographics buying influences.

We can control the flat consensus process and prevent  running  out of inventory! For example if you look at your past consensus sales forecast does is say the same number each month for forecast if so that is a flat consensus,

When you have "quantities needed" showing minus -10 or 0 =meaning "We don't need any" and then you put a number in the "requested quantities" when doing consensus your math logic may be somewhat misplaced and non-functional with a full logic system that is utilizing artificial intelligence such as some manufacturers are running an AI (artificial intelligence) is machine talking to machine ie: Order Management system.

We can help short term or long term. Services start at 1000.00 dollars per month based on volume increments of 500 or fewer new vehicle sales per year.

With us, You will have dedicated representatives who do all dealer operations and complete inventory analysis, building preliminary orders for the dealership APR. We provide help if requested to review the orders and compare to Inventory Balancing standards for your district, zone, region or state.

General Motors fiscal Week begins on Thursday of each week all allocations are done on Thursdays and you have until Saturday night 9 PM center of the universe to get your orders placed and counted within the weekly Inventory Balancing analysis that runs each Saturday night 9 PM. Deliveries that are sold and delivered should also be reported by Sat night 9 PM for the same reasons and Run pass one completed prior to Sat 9 PM. 

The accuracy of the DART report depends on the dealers’ input and reporting on a daily basis.

Monday is the region's big data harvest day (sweeps) for the districts and for the placement of allocation and constraints for the dealer.

Very important to understand that "if you have vehicles that remain unreported from the Weekend and you are holding a delivery back that is a highly constrained vehicle" you are denying yourself an opportunity to get the constraint allocated back within 10 days of that Monday night 9 pm center of the universe Detroit.

We would appreciate greatly the opportunity of working on your behalf with any of your General Motors Order related issues; short or long term or onsite training and individual coaching

Sincerely Sam Bryant 209-304-0512

Sam Bryant and Associates are experts with Dart, Inventory Balancing, Consensus, Forecasting and Planning, Run Pass One, Allocation, and Constraints, Obtaining additional inventories process, trading policies, and floor plan/costs control. We do marketing with IMR, SSO, business market and data recovery. We do data recovery, data mining (within system capabilities ) and securing personal non-public data audits per GLB regulations.

Truly, We stand alone as the best trained and Certified Systems and Applications Consultants in the World!

We are providing Dealerships One-on-One Coaching On-Site, On-Line, 

[email protected] 

Phone. 209-304-00512

We have the most current and skilled coaches and associates in Dealership Systems and Applications Coaching available worldwide. 

We understand dealership operations and know the best learning environment is one-on-one at the workstation of the employee.

Our coaching staff is available to Current Major Franchises and Dealerships world-wide.

WE ARE "The Systems and Applications Experts"          

Sam Bryant and Associates is proud to be a part of the DMOS, LLC. Brand and we look forward to successful relations with all of our friends and colleagues in the Automotive Systems and Applications training and consulting.

We provide dealers with real instructions on how to use the AI (artificial intelligence ) as machines now talk to machines, to maximize your consensus, target the automotive inventory for faster turns, removing the over-age vehicles from inventory, set up the managers reference guides for faster use of the systems and applications, ensure that one-on-one coaching has improved the manages capabilities.

We demonstrate all dealership department operations and best practice guides and provide location specific automotive HR and Employment-Interview training for Automotive Managers.

We have Federal and state access to GLB compliant job descriptions and dealership handbook templates for employees, access to the manufacturers standards of operation for dealerships in North America. We have access to affordable promotion and placement evaluations online with our associated vendors.

Our associates are patient and highly skilled with IT systems!

We know infrastructure!